Perseverance                       Passion                                Performance 

Connect with Millennials and Gen Zs throughout communities across the world and collaborate with entrepreneurs, start ups, artists, Not-For-Profits and small businesses in your communities.


Connect with young entrepreneurs and share ideas,projects and best practices. 


Pick your teams to work on entrepreneurial projects.  


Plan, design, develop, build your prototype and get ready to launch your product or brand. 

Bring Your Ideas
Pick Your Teams
Build Your Prototype
Find Your Angel Investor 

It all started as an idea at first. Ideas can change and transform both our lives and world.

Let's start thinking! 

You get to choose your own team to work on your entrepreneurial projects. 

That's right. 

You get to choose! 

You get to design, develop and build your own prototype project at your own flexibility. 

Work at your own TIME!

You get to choose your own project budget and your own angel investor.

You get to set your own project funding!

YEN - It's time to put on your thinking hats! 


Scope of Projects 


Let's strike a Conversation!

Everything begins with ideas hidden deep within you. Your ideas and thoughts can help create and transform the world. The goal of YEN is to inspire you to ignite and foster the "entrepreneur in you". This is will be a collaboration of various entrepreneurs from all walks of life to share best practices, ideas and projects that inspires and motivates other entrepreneurs across the world to chase their dreams and to never give up. 

What are you waiting for? 

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5 Star Reviews 

"It is a great way for entrepreneurs to connect amd collaborate! I love Aaron aka bruno mars II!!!! I cant wait for the next networking event!"

Meredith Leigh Hartman

Manager & Stylist-Salon Swank -St Pete, Forida 


Connect Collaborate Conquer 

St. Petersburg

Florida USA 

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