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Hello World! Dr. Arun Claudius Charles is an Hawaiian American Entrepreneur, Apostle, Radio Personality, Success Coach, and a Kingdom Ambassador of Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and Caribbean descent. His biological father is of Puerto Rican descent while his biological mother is of Hawaiian, Polynesian & Caribbean descent. His step parents are of English/Irish, French Canadian, and Indian descent. 

 Dr.Charles spent the past decade in building effective eLearning solutions for various fortune 500 clients across America and the world. Dr. Charles holds a Micro Masters from Harvard university and attended Western Governors University for his Masters in Instructional Design & Technology in 2014. He also holds a Doctorate in Divinity/Theology from Tabernacle Bible College, Florida.


He is the Founder of Bethesda World Healing & Deliverance Ministries which was formerly Prophetic Voice Ministries through which God used him to empower saints across Florida & America through several empowerment conferences which he was invited to conduct at different Non-Profits and churches. He also hosted his own radio show- Host of Hour of Power on Praise 1590 WRXB in 2012. Hour of Power was a gospel radio program which in 2016 was re-named to Overcomers Voice of Victory. 


He formed YEN in Sept 2017 which is a boutique network with the primary goal to empower entrepreneurs all over the world. YEN is a social network for entrepreneurs, Not-for-Profits, start ups and small businesses to connect, collaborate, and conquer their challenges collectively as a team. 

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"It is a great way for entrepreneurs to connect amd collaborate! I love Aaron aka bruno mars II!!!! I cant wait for the next networking event!"

Meredith Leigh Hartman

Manager & Stylist-Salon Swank -St Pete, Forida 


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