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Hello World! Prince Arran is an Hawaiian American Entrepreneur, Apostle, Radio Personality, Success Coach, and a Kingdom Ambassador of Hawaiian, Puerto Rican and Caribbean descent. His biological father is of Puerto Rican descent while his biological mother is of Hawaiian, Polynesian & Caribbean descent. His step parents are of English/Irish, French Canadian, and Indian descent. 

 Prince Arran spent the past decade in building effective eLearning solutions for various fortune 500 clients across America and the world. Dr. Charles holds a Micro Masters from Harvard university and attended Western Governors University for his Masters in Instructional Design & Technology in 2014. He also holds a Doctorate in Divinity/Theology from Tabernacle Bible College, Florida.


He is the Founder of Bethesda World Healing & Deliverance Ministries which was formerly Prophetic Voice Ministries through which God used him to empower saints across Florida & America through several empowerment conferences which he was invited to conduct at different Non-Profits and churches. He also hosted his own radio show- Host of Hour of Power on Praise 1590 WRXB in 2012. Hour of Power was a gospel radio program which in 2016 was re-named to Overcomers Voice of Victory. 


He formed YEN in Sept 2017 which is a boutique network with the primary goal to empower entrepreneurs all over the world. YEN is a social network for entrepreneurs, Not-for-Profits, start ups and small businesses to connect, collaborate, and conquer their challenges collectively as a team. 

"Prince Arran" will be the new brand name that Dr. Charles will use to launch any and every new brand associated with his name, brand, organization, network etc. w.e.f Oct 1st 2019... Dr. Arun Claudius Charles a.k.a Prince Arran owns exclusive rights to the brand name "Prince Arran". God called him by a new name "Arran" which means "exalted mountain".

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"It is a great way for entrepreneurs to connect amd collaborate! I love Aaron aka bruno mars II!!!! I cant wait for the next networking event!"

Meredith Leigh Hartman

Manager & Stylist-Salon Swank -St Pete, Forida 


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