Come up with 3-5 different features of your product

Make a list of potential clients that you can reach out for a 10 min interview. 

Have interviewees try your product and gauge their reaction & feedback. 

1. Product

2.Consultancy/Service Business 

3. Reseller 


5. B2B or B2C 

1.The Big Idea

Idea anxiety? You may have more than one idea, and you love them all!

Time to decide which idea would make for a viable business. 

2. Your Mission 

You need to find your mission. You have an amazing idea, but you need to get a little bolder by writing a mission statement with a strong sense of prowess.  

3.Business Models 

Identify the business model(s) that best suits your business. 

4.Business Plan 

Review the top 10 FAQs list on the list before you can draft your own business plan.  



a. Review your income and expenditure for your business. 

b. Select a funding option.  

6.Action &               Momentum 

Now that you have nailed the above steps it's time for you to grow your business. 

7.Implement &


Implement all business solutions detailed in your business plan and take the time to pause and evaluate your business output. 

Don't give your Power away. 


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Meredith Leigh Hartman

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